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The uniqueness about Lord Rama

As per Hindu scriptures, since the evolution of life on earth, God Vishnu has taken many avatars. In early stage of life, he came as Matsya (fish), Kurma (turtle) and Varaha (boar). Later during human evolutionary phase, he said to be in the form of Narasimha (man-lion) and under civilisation phase of society he appeared as Vamana (Dwarf-god), Parushram (Brahman warrior) and Lord Rama (King of Ayodhya) in Treta Yug (some believe that the Yug is named Treta because of simultaneous presence of three avatars on earth in the same time period).

Later in Dvapar Yug, he came in the form of Lord Krishna, The sampoorna avatar (The complete form). In early Kaliyug is when Gautam Buddha came and towards the end, there will be Kalki avatar, the Tenth Avartar of Lord Vishnu.

Among all nine avatars of Vishnu, Lord Rama is the only avatar with whom normal worldly human beings can easily relate. While all other avatars appeared to be far away from human abilities in terms of consciousness as well as their deeds. Therefore, doing what they have exemplified, is not at all possible by normal human beings. As it is said that do what Lord has instructed to be done But don’t follow what he has done himself.

But this is not the case with Lord Rama. Apart from being a fully awakened avatar, Rama lived the life of a prince and presented an exemplary ideal king. His life has all the ingredients to inspire household people to follow his principles. The central message of the life of Lord Rama is to inspire all others to do what He has done in his life as a son, husband, father, prince, king and as a human being.

In today’s context, there is lot that people can learn from the life of Rama and implement the same in their lives too..

  • Leaders (business as well as political) can learn how to lead by examples (own deeds).

  • Duties and Responsibilities of an ideal Son, Brother, Husband and Father.

  • How to prioritise between leader’s responsibilities and family duties. The harsh decisions.

  • Important of Commitment (Raghukul Riti Sada Chali Aayi, Pran Jaye par Vachan na Jai)

  • And qualities like non-violance, compassion, learning, good conduct, self control, tranquility…. and many more…

Not only this but a simple yet challenging life of Lord Rama was full of life dilemmas, drama, suspense and surprises. People can easily relate to these issues even in today’s world. This again makes Lord Rama’s life lessons more practical to be implemented in real life.

Lord Rama is worshiped not only in India but also other counties. His temples are located in USA, Thailand, Mauritius, China, Japan, Nepal and in many European Countries.

Last but not the least, The need of the current time is that we should not limit ourselves just to worship Lord Rama but to learn from his life examples and try to adopt the way he lived his life.

We may not find it easy and may be able to adopt only few lessons but we can try to implement as much as possible. Not only this but the next generations (our kids) should also be made aware of his life examples so that they can take inspirations from Lord Rama’s life in their own way and apply as per their context and abilities.

Best Regards,

Dr T P Singh

(त्रिभुवन सिंह)


Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the posts are a collection of facts, articles and vedic texts from various sources which appear to be true as a common body of knowledge. The author or website has not further investigated the facts to be true. The author or website under no circumstances can be made responsible for any error or omission whatsoever. We have no intention to hurt anyone's sentiment or belief system. Also there is no intention of the author to promote any organisation or belief system for any monetary or non-monetary benefit or reward. (image credit:

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