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Happy New Year

Once there was a young caterpillar who just started walking the earth. He was so happy and proud, he soon started to believe that he is the master of his will and is capable of doing anything. One day, the life took the turn and everything suddenly came to a halt. He discovered himself in the form of chrysalis (pupa). Saddened with his stationary form, he thought, everything is over. Just when he was about to lose his all hopes, he started witnessing transformation in his thoughts, actions and perceptions due to the time he spent in his cocoon. Soon the day arrived when he saw the light again and found himself as a shiny young Butterfly. May the year 2021 be the year of light that shines on ourselves and show us the way, not just to walk but to fly high in our new form.

Happy New Year

Best Regards,

Dr T P Singh

(त्रिभुवन सिंह)


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