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Errors and Mistakes

To Err is Human but also the sign that one is making efforts..

Errors and Mistakes are also a good playground for learning the needed lessons and grow in life..

Keep making NEW mistakes and keep growing..

Have a Nice work-week.

Best Regards,

Dr TP Singh

(त्रिभुवन सिंह)


Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the posts are a collection of facts, articles and vedic texts from various sources which appear to be true as a common body of knowledge. The author or website has not further investigated the facts to be true. The author or website under no circumstances can be made responsible for any error or omission whatsoever. We have no intention to hurt anyone's sentiment or belief system. Also there is no intention of the author to promote any organisation or belief system for any monetary or non-monetary benefit or reward. (image credit:

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