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Happy Independence Day of India

Today, We are celebrating 75th Independence Day of India. Achieving freedom was not easy, several generations fought for it, sacrificed their wellbeing, resources and even lives. We know many of them but there are many whose sacrifices still not known to people. The journey after freedom was not less than roller coaster. There were various challenges like uniting states, establishing new leadership, setting up good governance, managing financial resources and on top of it, meeting the expectations of the people of India who extended their unconditional support during freedom fighting days.

Things seem to be really difficult but we sailed through all challenges and today we are celebrating 75th Day of our independent journey as a nation. With every passing generation, the meaning of freedom changes. If in early 20th Century, it was seeking freedom from British Rule, In mid 20th Century it meant to stand on our own feet, then in 21st Century, it is to be free from commercial and technological dominance of foreign giants.

Our young generation has tremendous potential and is capable of making India free from all such controls and influences that most of the time in the favour foreign companies, organisations and nations. Today’s only need is to spark the similar fire among young guns that led India’s freedom movement generations ago. Definitely, the tools and resources will be different than the generations ago. Today’s freedom fighters’ resources would include: Technology, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Sustainable thinking, and a holistic view of life.

May we prove once again that We Indians not only can stand on our feet in modern commercial and technological environment but also inspire rest of the world to achieve and sustain their own freedom in modern times.

Happy 75th Independence Day

Dr T P Singh

त्रिभुवन प्रताप सिंह


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